The followings are the functions of MPM:

  1. Responsible in administration of Council areas which includes the towns and the surrounding areas as gazetted under Local Government Act 1976.
  2. Responsible for collection of yearly revenues as well as striving to increase the amount of yearly revenues through new sources of revenue.
  3. To create good relationship with all parties (clients, taxpayers and others) who are directly and indirectly involved in the context of achieving council’s mission and objectives.
  4. To plan and execute council’s efficient and quality services in fulfilling the needs of a living society towards the creation of peaceful living environment.
  5. Responsible in administrating Manjung area through control of business and industrial activities as well as to create conducive environment to attract more investors.
  6. To control, plan and approve physical development in line with the needs of the Structuring and Local Plans.
  7. To plan and execute progress of Council area with attention to the development based on the conservation of environment and to create a balanced and harmonious city society.